💡Problem - My offer isn't selling...

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May 21, 2024

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My offer isn't selling...

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We've all been there - we spend all this time coming up with a great new offer for a product or service, put it out into the world, and...crickets.

It's one of the worst feelings, because it brings up thoughts like imposter syndrome, that we're not good enough, and that we'll never succeed.

Alternatively, crafting an offer that instantly connects with the intended customer is one of the best feelings. That's the dream, after all. So, how do we do it?

The simplest way I've found to fix an offer or craft a "winning" offer from scratch is to start with the customer's needs in mind. We need to understand two things up front:

  • Their current situation - their pains, needs, and "jobs to be done"
  • Their desired outcome

With these two data points, we can then show them how our offer is the most direct path from A to B.

Reframing the offer as a "promise" in this way is helpful, because it puts it in a more helpful context than thinking about how to make money from an audience of people. We shift instead to being as helpful, or valuable, as possible.

Once you've listed out the current situation and the desired outcome, you simply need to match the different aspects of your offer to their pains, needs, and desires.

Let's take a previous offer of mine as an example, and the current offer that currently converts at a 35% rate.

Craftsman Creative started with two online courses that I created right at the beginning of the pandemic. I was selling to an audience of artists and creators who just had 90% or more of their income wiped out because of the shutdowns, so they didn't have money to spend on courses. I ended up making the courses free for about a year because more than the money I wanted to get the info into their hands and help them with their businesses during those years of uncertainty.

I made less than $1,000 selling my own courses.

Fast forward a few years, and I've honed in on my audience (video production companies, independent creators) and their pains, needs, and jobs to be done. I found after doing dozens of strategy calls that the biggest pains were uncertainty, misalignment, and lack of time. They wanted more freedom - more profit, more time, and more control over the type of work they got to work on. They needed someone to come into their business and help fix and build systems that could help them achieve those outcomes.

So I put together an email and sent it to the first potential client. It was such a perfect fit that I had the first payment in my bank account an hour later. When I'm not producing feature films, I help creative business owners with this same offer, and one out of every 3 people I talk to signs up for that offer.

In the first example, I made the courses for me, and then tried to convince an audience that it was something they should spend money on. In the second, I'm giving outsized value to a hungry (desperate) audience that needs help now with the exact things I help with.

That's the difference that makes a winning offer.

At the upcoming event, we'll spend an entire session working on your offer, crafting one that resonates with your ideal customer, and generates profit every time you sell it.

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