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First: Principles - A new semi-regular newsletter from Daren Smith and Craftsman Creative

This idea just wouldn't go away. I'll be mowing the lawn with my cheap knock-off AirPods cranked to 1
First: Principles - A new semi-regular newsletter from Daren Smith and Craftsman Creative
This idea just wouldn’t go away.
I’ll be mowing the lawn with my cheap knock-off AirPods cranked to 11 to try and overpower the sound of the electric mower, listening to a podcast.
“….[muffled chatter]… FIRST PRINCIPLES THINKING…[garble garble]…”
It first happened in April.
I ran inside after birthing another idea baby and it turned into this newsletter.
That was three months ago…and I hadn’t sent out the first issue yet.
The problem was a few-fold.
  1. I wrote the first “issue” of the newsletter, framing the idea, and making a ridiculous promise that I’d likely fail to keep in a very short amount of time
  2. I hadn’t actually figured out the reasons for writing, I just knew the outcome I was after
  3. I hadn’t committed to take action
  4. I kept asking “who needs another newsletter anyway?”
First principles are all over that list.
It first popped up in an interview with Chamath Palihapitiya. Then again on the Farnham Street podcast with Jim Collins. And another with Tim Ferriss. And with Seth Godin. And with Derek Sivers…
I haven’t been able to escape this idea of first principles thinking for over a year now.
First-principles thinking is one of the best ways to reverse-engineer complicated problems and unleash creative possibility. Sometimes called “reasoning from first principles,” the idea is to break down complicated problems into basic elements and then reassemble them from the ground up. It’s one of the best ways to learn to think for yourself, unlock your creative potential, and move from linear to non-linear results.
This approach was used by the philosopher Aristotle and is used now by Elon Musk and Charlie Munger. It allows them to cut through the fog of shoddy reasoning and inadequate analogies to see opportunities that others miss.
What stood out to me is that all of these individuals - that I was a student of - were first principles thinkers.
The natural reaction was to try and be more like that, by breaking down some complicated problems and sparking more creative possibility.
My goal with this newsletter is to take the sometimes-complicated ideas of business, creativity, finance, marketing, and more, break them down and rebuild them, and share the process.
What that means for you is that once a week (sometimes less, sometimes more) I’ll send you something interesting.
A new idea.
A new take on something you’ve heard a hundred times.
Something that sparks an idea, or a thought, or a connection.
To help you with your business, your creativity, finances, and more.
Should be fun.
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